All about Timesheet and Its Template

Timesheet is a tool program that is commonly used to monitor the working hours of company employees in detail related to their performance which will affect the work results or projects being worked on. After all, both employers and employees should use the online timesheet template on their work. So that their work hour will be kept on track.

There is a problem that is often faced when completing various jobs, which is a lack of discipline regarding processing time. This can be caused by many things, which are ranging from sickness, laziness, unexpected events, other work, or other causes that make us delay the work that should be done. Likely for several reasons, to deal with something like this is to have a solution by disciplining ourselves and preparing for work with careful planning. If you need help getting a job done, you can use Timesheet. Basically, this program functions usually used large-scale professional field of work or in a company. However, it is good as well for individual work.

Timesheet Template Types

  • Daily

This timesheet template focuses on one-day tracking work hours. It useful and more preferable if the employee’s work hours are calculated for an hourly basis. It is also preferable for accounting sick leave, daily overtime, and irregular break for lunch.

  • Biweekly

The beneficial thing to use this template is for some employers that pay their employee every two weeks. This timesheet template helps both employers and employees to see their working hours to overview them in a certain pay period. This template is regarded to make it easy to correspond to the time of employees’ paid time.

  • Monthly

The monthly template of timesheet is regarded as an ideal timesheet for employers to overview and analyze their employee’s performance for a longer period of time. This template can show you larger information for the performance within the entire month. However, it cannot display you with more detailed information just like the previous timesheet template.

  • Consultant

This template is quite a different form the previous regular timesheet as it has the unique online timesheet template for a particular specific task. The template is often used for a consultant that usually is usually paid differently than regular employees or full-timers. They can write specific tasks or projects on the additional space provided on the template for each time period. Therefore, employers are helped in determining the spending time for each project.

  • Payroll register

This template is regarded as more complicated than the other templates as it is more detailed in calculating the pay.

Using the Timesheet Template

As we know before that timesheet template is used to track work hours in a user-friendly design. Here are how you use the timesheet template.

  • Selecting a template

Selecting a particular template is important that suits the need of your task. It is important as well to choose the timesheet that is easily understandable. For keeping your task is well-organized, you need to make sure to use the same template for all of the employees.

  • Setting a schedule

Being considered in this step is very important too because it will help you to pay your employees on time. Setting the timesheet schedule regularly helps everything about it well organized that will not give you more burdens to do the task. therefore, you need to determine a specific time for having the employees filling out their template of timesheet to be well-scheduled.

  • Checking the details

Missing the details or filling out incorrect timesheets will influence and impact the paycheck. Please re-check again to make sure that you do not enter your data in the wrong place of the template because filling it out accurately will make you easy in making corrections and saving your time.

  • Being consistent

Be sure in using a consistent and the same format for date and time each section to fill out you’re and the other employees to keep the online timesheet template being easy to understand for everyone.

  • Asking questions

If sometimes you have trouble on using or accounting your timesheet, do not be hesitate to ask for help from your higher position person or your Human Resources. They should be the ones who know and understand regarding to it and help you how to complete your difficulty in it.

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Using Employee Timesheet Template

Some people may be unfamiliar with the word timesheet in the field of work, especially for those who are just about to enter to only work. Generally, a timesheet can be defined as a device that can be physical or virtual to record and track someone’s working time. A timesheet is a tool that can help the HR team to calculate the work time of each employee. This is because the timesheet can show the actual number of hours worked for each employee which can be a reference in the payroll process of a company. In other words, it is employee attendance which has various functions for both the employee and the company.

Employee Timesheet Functions

  • Employee time management

As time management for employees, this function has issues related to work effectiveness. By using the timesheet, employees and the HR team can monitor the effectiveness of the work every day. It also functions as an employee time tracker which will be used as the basis for calculating employee salaries. Time tracking consists of employee left hours along with entry hours and how long employees take time off and overtime.

  • The data for the employee’s payroll process

Salary is one of the important things. It is the right of employees that must be fulfilled by the company. Therefore, the calculation of the salary or payroll process of a company must be transparent and in accordance with the work agreement that has been mutually agreed before. The data on the employee worksheet here can show the number of hours worked or the employee’s overtime hours and also shows how many rights the company must pay to the employee in relation to the number of hours worked.

  • Employee performance information

Employee timesheets can show how an employee is performing by assessing the effectiveness of their work. In addition, the timesheet data can also be taken into account by managers before assigning additional tasks to employees by assessing whether the employee’s workload is right or not yet, too much so that it affects their performance, or even they                                                                                                             receive very little work.

Kind Of Employee Timesheet Template

  • Weekly Timesheet Template

Weekly timesheets are typically used by companies that have short term projects or employees who have short term contracts. Weekly timesheets are usually applied by small or highly mobile companies, especially to monitor budgets for each job.

  • Monthly Timesheet Template

A monthly timesheet is often used by companies. With a monthly timesheet, you can monitor employee work and performance more effectively because there is a lot of data collected.

  • Timesheet Employee Shifting Template

The timesheet for                                                                                                                                                                                employee shift is made by dividing the check-in and check-out times according to shift times. In addition, shift worker timesheets are created on a bi-weekly basis. You can download the template here.

  • Timesheet project template

This timesheet is commonly used in certain temporary project. It is useful for those who have employees and each of them works to run a specific project. This timesheet is usually used for very short jobs such as arranging an event project.

Employee Timesheet Management

Digital timesheet is an update for paper or hard copy because by utilizing technology, the data collection of working time on the digital excel timesheet can be done more quickly so that the HR team’s working time can be streamlined as well as minimizing human errors. In addition, digital timesheets are easier to store and search for whenever needed.

Digital timesheet management has become an option in modern times like today. this is used to facilitate the process of managing employee attendance data. Previously, employee attendance data management was done manually and took a long time, then by utilizing technology such as Microsoft Excel software, this process could be carried out more effectively and efficiently. The HR team can use the program to facilitate administrative work such as managing attendance data, managing work shifts, and the payroll process for each employee. as we know that the employee database is the core data for companies and the HR team in managing employees,

Therefore, the timesheet system in the Excel program for employees is very useful for companies and employees themselves in managing efficiently the time management for some needs in a job.

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Knowing Timesheet and Time Card Templates

Attendance is usually a component in the payroll. A well-organized company will usually have a presence with a fingerprint machine. This fingerprint machine will record when employees come to the office and when employees return home. Then, this information is recorded on the time card. From the timecard, you can calculate how much attendance allowance will be given to employees. For employees who are paid daily or hourly, this information will determine the amount of salary to be received.

There is also an additional presence that is applied to each project. The purpose of applying presence to each of these projects is so that we know the costing of both the product and project. The attendance used in assigning the project or product is systematically recorded into the timesheet. The timesheet will record what activities employees carry out, on which projects or products. By using an integrated accounting information system, we can also see who is and what activity and how long each activity takes for each product or project.

Kinds Of Free Timesheet To Download

Timesheet template can provide you time tracking activity solution in the project of work. It is a simple way to track activities to know your employee performance. By using a free timesheet template, you do not need to learn or install another related program. You can just find and download a fit template you need.

  • Weekly timesheet template

You can enter time on this Weekly timesheet template in a format on h:mm. In this template, you can calculate all the total pay periods that should be given by entering pay rates. It shows basic table format including weekly and daily hours. This is on the weekly basis.

  • Monthly timesheet template

In this template, you can find a regular basis for tracking more detail about employee performance. The format includes regular hours, sick leave, annual leave, or holiday, overtime that is on a monthly basis time.  This template calculates the pay based on total completed hours for the month, week, and each day

  • Consultant timesheet template

This timesheet helps you to track hours for remote employments on a specific task or project. It helps you for documenting the time spent. There are signature lines for making a formal agreement between consultant and client about the information recorded on the templates.

Kinds Of Free Time Card To Download

  • Weekly time card template

This template provides you to calculate pay each day and the whole week based on the total hours. It includes regular hours, breaks time hours, overtime hours, sick leave, and holiday hours on the format of column.

  • 12-Month time card template

The template arrange an overview format for a yearly hours work time each month. This time card helps you to overview and track employees work hours for the entire year within day, week, and month.

  • Multiple employee time card

This template shows an organized format of table for multiple employees’ shift and hours. Tracking with this template is the simple way on several employees’ break and lunch hours and working hours in total during Monday to Sunday, which you can track each day.

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How to Create an Excel Template

Excel is a spreadsheet program that is widely used by various groups, from the larger scale’s ones to small ones like company and student. This program provides several functions such as simple calculations to graph creation.

Creating a document in usually has a specific format and pattern especially in Excel. The more often and the longer you work to create a similar document, the more you will know what exactly is the basis and required for making a document, whether monthly, quarterly, semester or annual reports. Later, you will understand what is important and what is needed. Then, you can package it in a template that you design. Thus, when you want to create a report that is similar, what you need is to create a new document based on that template. However, you can create your template-based on one particular need for your task.

Creating Template On PC

To create a template on a PC device especially for you as a Windows user, here are the steps you can follow.

  • First, open the excel file that you want to make a template. Arrange in such a way that all the required formats are in the template.
  • Then click the File button and click Save As
  • Then, Save As dialog will appear. In the Save as type box, you can select the item of Excel Template (* .xltx). Wait a moment. In this part, Microsoft Excel will try to create immediately a folder where the templates will usually be stored.
  • After that, give the new template name anything you want the template to be named. Then click the Save button. The format in the template is ready to be used as a basis for creating the next new document.

After you save the template, now you can create a new document from it. The way is different from using a common new document or by using CTRL + N shortcut. This is a very different step. The steps to do is to use the document creation facilities provided. here

  • Click the File menu then select New
  • In the Available Templates section, select My Templates
  • Then, from the personal template provided, you need to select the Program template that you created before and click the OK button. A new template document will be created.

Creating Chart template As Example

Chart template helps us quickly to apply formatting to a new chart with pre-made chart formats. For example, If you want to create the same chart, then you no longer need to repeat the steps. Save the chart you created as a template. When creating a new chart, you can use the template.

How to Save a Chart as a Chart Template

Pretending that you have worked and created a chart for data.

  • Click on the chart that you want to save as a template to display the Chart Tools consisting of the Design, Layout, and Format tabs.
  • On the Design tab, in the Type group, click Save As Template.
  • In the Save inbox, make sure the Charts folder is selected.
  • In the File name box, type a name for the chart template.
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The Use of Excel in Project Management

Project management is the way of managing all aspects of a project in business from inception to closure using a structured methodology. Excel as one of the most used programs for office gives a very important role in the work of each system in project management. The use of project management templates for Microsoft Excel applications can facilitate in several ways.

Using Excel in a project needs some knowledge for a worthwhile result. The spreadsheet that you make will be valuable in helping your work efficiently. There are several helpful ways you can do to use Excel. You can make your sheet or using templates based on the certain need of your project.

The Best Excel Template For Project Management

These templates can help you increase and increase your productivity because you don’t need to create a complex workspace to manage your projects.

  • Gant Chart Template

The best feature for project management templates in Excel is Gantt Chart. This feature can help you see a color-coded visual representation of your task progress on the weekly calendar. This free template can be used to easily add and manage your projects. All you need is to open the template, add the basic details of the project. It allows you to add assignments based on different categories to a single project, which can then track progress. You can include other elements to the assignment such as leads, number of working days, and also a percentage of completion.

  • Project Tracking Template

This tracking template feature allows you to track the costs and time associated with it. The costs, actual hours, estimated hours, and billed hours can be saved. This free template can be used to manage your project easily to add service providers and client details, and then start adding tasks. It can allow you to add tasks with several other sub-tasks as you’ll as track the progress easily. For each task, you can add a date, description, priority, status, or deadline. Then, you can also set the percentage of completion and days remaining to complete.

  • Project Schedule Template

The project Schedule template can help you easily to add and to manage your projects. Unlike previous templates, this can be said as quite unique as it is and it allows you to simply color code of the timeline project. You can add tasks to the timeline in the schedule manually. Then you can also assign different colors manually and track their progress just like you do on the Gantt chart. To use this template, first, you can open it. then enter the project name, start date, then add the task. On the template, you’ll see options to add additional notes for individual assignments

  • Budgeting Template

Budget is considered as one of the most important aspect in a project. You know it is important to make a budgeting process precisely. However, in making the budget, you have to calculate all the relevant information which is quite confusing. This free template of Excel will create a possibility to perform even the most complicated project budget mission very easily.

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How Excel Templates is Useful for Daily Use

For office workers, it will be familiar when they hear the Excel program. This program is already very well known for helping various kinds of jobs. Microsoft Excel has been lined up as the best data processing software in the world. Almost everyone uses this program for their daily needs. The features in this program are very useful for making general office work easier. This software made by Microsoft Corporation actually does not only function for office tasks. Besides, it can also be used properly for daily tasks and work.

Using Excel templates will help you to do your tasks not only in the large-scale work like in the office but also for smaller-scale like in your daily activities. Before we apply how Excel templets can be used in your daily use, we need to highlight first the functions of Microsoft Excel in the for general basis.

Excel General Functions

  • Processing management data

The first function is to process data management. Usually, it is used to find the average value, calculate the middle value, and to find the maximum and minimum value of a data.

  • Administration and financial report

The most common excel function is for a financial report and administrative process. The job desk is usually done by an accountant. Almost all the features that exist in the Excel program help to create a financial report and administrative process on a large scale.

  • Table operations and graph or chart creation

Other functions and advantages of Microsoft Excel are to input and process data on tables, also known as table operations. There are 16,384 columns and 1,084,576 rows, anyone capable of table operations with an unlimited number of input data. In addition, the other function is to create a chart, in which the data input is about monitoring a particular variable by using the chart wizard and other features. It can be done quickly and easily.

  • Statistical data creation

Statistics is a science that deals with the analysis, presentation, and conclusion of data. Statistics is needed to prove research results. Usually, statistical data creation is made in the form of a diagram or in a circle.

  • Shared worksheet feature

Then the last function is for shared worksheets. There is a renewal from Microsoft, namely Spreadsheet, which makes it easy to work on tasks collaboratively. This function allows everyone to access the shared worksheet to correct and edit each other.

Excel Template Function In Daily Life

It is not only for large scale data; you can use Excel starting from the smallest things in your daily tasks.

  • Making daily or monthly notes for income and expense

Using this program can manage your finances wisely. The features can make your income and expense records look tidier and more organized.

  • Make a daily or monthly note for financial budget

You can use the subtraction, addition, multiplication, and other features in the program to find your average monthly budget. By using Excel, the financial budget you spent in a day or a month can be clearer.

  • Creating a product price research chart

By using chart features, tables, and other toolbars, you can do a price comparison for research very easily. Besides, now Excel can also be accessed via smartphone. You can save the research results at any time.

  • Making it easier to make financial reports for a business

Not only for companies, but you can also use Microsoft Excel to create your personal business financial reports well-arranged.

  • Solving math and logic problems

Apart from being assessed as data processing software, Excel features can also be used to solve math and logic problems. So, it is also used as a quick calculator.

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