Timesheet is a tool program that is commonly used to monitor the working hours of company employees in detail related to their performance which will affect the work results or projects being worked on. After all, both employers and employees should use the online timesheet template on their work. So that their work hour will be kept on track.

There is a problem that is often faced when completing various jobs, which is a lack of discipline regarding processing time. This can be caused by many things, which are ranging from sickness, laziness, unexpected events, other work, or other causes that make us delay the work that should be done. Likely for several reasons, to deal with something like this is to have a solution by disciplining ourselves and preparing for work with careful planning. If you need help getting a job done, you can use Timesheet. Basically, this program functions usually used large-scale professional field of work or in a company. However, it is good as well for individual work.

Timesheet Template Types

  • Daily

This timesheet template focuses on one-day tracking work hours. It useful and more preferable if the employee’s work hours are calculated for an hourly basis. It is also preferable for accounting sick leave, daily overtime, and irregular break for lunch.

  • Biweekly

The beneficial thing to use this template is for some employers that pay their employee every two weeks. This timesheet template helps both employers and employees to see their working hours to overview them in a certain pay period. This template is regarded to make it easy to correspond to the time of employees’ paid time.

  • Monthly

The monthly template of timesheet is regarded as an ideal timesheet for employers to overview and analyze their employee’s performance for a longer period of time. This template can show you larger information for the performance within the entire month. However, it cannot display you with more detailed information just like the previous timesheet template.

  • Consultant

This template is quite a different form the previous regular timesheet as it has the unique online timesheet template for a particular specific task. The template is often used for a consultant that usually is usually paid differently than regular employees or full-timers. They can write specific tasks or projects on the additional space provided on the template for each time period. Therefore, employers are helped in determining the spending time for each project.

  • Payroll register

This template is regarded as more complicated than the other templates as it is more detailed in calculating the pay.

Using the Timesheet Template

As we know before that timesheet template is used to track work hours in a user-friendly design. Here are how you use the timesheet template.

  • Selecting a template

Selecting a particular template is important that suits the need of your task. It is important as well to choose the timesheet that is easily understandable. For keeping your task is well-organized, you need to make sure to use the same template for all of the employees.

  • Setting a schedule

Being considered in this step is very important too because it will help you to pay your employees on time. Setting the timesheet schedule regularly helps everything about it well organized that will not give you more burdens to do the task. therefore, you need to determine a specific time for having the employees filling out their template of timesheet to be well-scheduled.

  • Checking the details

Missing the details or filling out incorrect timesheets will influence and impact the paycheck. Please re-check again to make sure that you do not enter your data in the wrong place of the template because filling it out accurately will make you easy in making corrections and saving your time.

  • Being consistent

Be sure in using a consistent and the same format for date and time each section to fill out you’re and the other employees to keep the online timesheet template being easy to understand for everyone.

  • Asking questions

If sometimes you have trouble on using or accounting your timesheet, do not be hesitate to ask for help from your higher position person or your Human Resources. They should be the ones who know and understand regarding to it and help you how to complete your difficulty in it.

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