For office workers, it will be familiar when they hear the Excel program. This program is already very well known for helping various kinds of jobs. Microsoft Excel has been lined up as the best data processing software in the world. Almost everyone uses this program for their daily needs. The features in this program are very useful for making general office work easier. This software made by Microsoft Corporation actually does not only function for office tasks. Besides, it can also be used properly for daily tasks and work.

Using Excel templates will help you to do your tasks not only in the large-scale work like in the office but also for smaller-scale like in your daily activities. Before we apply how Excel templets can be used in your daily use, we need to highlight first the functions of Microsoft Excel in the for general basis.

Excel General Functions

  • Processing management data

The first function is to process data management. Usually, it is used to find the average value, calculate the middle value, and to find the maximum and minimum value of a data.

  • Administration and financial report

The most common excel function is for a financial report and administrative process. The job desk is usually done by an accountant. Almost all the features that exist in the Excel program help to create a financial report and administrative process on a large scale.

  • Table operations and graph or chart creation

Other functions and advantages of Microsoft Excel are to input and process data on tables, also known as table operations. There are 16,384 columns and 1,084,576 rows, anyone capable of table operations with an unlimited number of input data. In addition, the other function is to create a chart, in which the data input is about monitoring a particular variable by using the chart wizard and other features. It can be done quickly and easily.

  • Statistical data creation

Statistics is a science that deals with the analysis, presentation, and conclusion of data. Statistics is needed to prove research results. Usually, statistical data creation is made in the form of a diagram or in a circle.

  • Shared worksheet feature

Then the last function is for shared worksheets. There is a renewal from Microsoft, namely Spreadsheet, which makes it easy to work on tasks collaboratively. This function allows everyone to access the shared worksheet to correct and edit each other.

Excel Template Function In Daily Life

It is not only for large scale data; you can use Excel starting from the smallest things in your daily tasks.

  • Making daily or monthly notes for income and expense

Using this program can manage your finances wisely. The features can make your income and expense records look tidier and more organized.

  • Make a daily or monthly note for financial budget

You can use the subtraction, addition, multiplication, and other features in the program to find your average monthly budget. By using Excel, the financial budget you spent in a day or a month can be clearer.

  • Creating a product price research chart

By using chart features, tables, and other toolbars, you can do a price comparison for research very easily. Besides, now Excel can also be accessed via smartphone. You can save the research results at any time.

  • Making it easier to make financial reports for a business

Not only for companies, but you can also use Microsoft Excel to create your personal business financial reports well-arranged.

  • Solving math and logic problems

Apart from being assessed as data processing software, Excel features can also be used to solve math and logic problems. So, it is also used as a quick calculator.

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