Excel is a spreadsheet program that is widely used by various groups, from the larger scale’s ones to small ones like company and student. This program provides several functions such as simple calculations to graph creation.

Creating a document in usually has a specific format and pattern especially in Excel. The more often and the longer you work to create a similar document, the more you will know what exactly is the basis and required for making a document, whether monthly, quarterly, semester or annual reports. Later, you will understand what is important and what is needed. Then, you can package it in a template that you design. Thus, when you want to create a report that is similar, what you need is to create a new document based on that template. However, you can create your template-based on one particular need for your task.

Creating Template On PC

To create a template on a PC device especially for you as a Windows user, here are the steps you can follow.

  • First, open the excel file that you want to make a template. Arrange in such a way that all the required formats are in the template.
  • Then click the File button and click Save As
  • Then, Save As dialog will appear. In the Save as type box, you can select the item of Excel Template (* .xltx). Wait a moment. In this part, Microsoft Excel will try to create immediately a folder where the templates will usually be stored.
  • After that, give the new template name anything you want the template to be named. Then click the Save button. The format in the template is ready to be used as a basis for creating the next new document.

After you save the template, now you can create a new document from it. The way is different from using a common new document or by using CTRL + N shortcut. This is a very different step. The steps to do is to use the document creation facilities provided. here

  • Click the File menu then select New
  • In the Available Templates section, select My Templates
  • Then, from the personal template provided, you need to select the Program template that you created before and click the OK button. A new template document will be created.

Creating Chart template As Example

Chart template helps us quickly to apply formatting to a new chart with pre-made chart formats. For example, If you want to create the same chart, then you no longer need to repeat the steps. Save the chart you created as a template. When creating a new chart, you can use the template.

How to Save a Chart as a Chart Template

Pretending that you have worked and created a chart for data.

  • Click on the chart that you want to save as a template to display the Chart Tools consisting of the Design, Layout, and Format tabs.
  • On the Design tab, in the Type group, click Save As Template.
  • In the Save inbox, make sure the Charts folder is selected.
  • In the File name box, type a name for the chart template.
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