Attendance is usually a component in the payroll. A well-organized company will usually have a presence with a fingerprint machine. This fingerprint machine will record when employees come to the office and when employees return home. Then, this information is recorded on the time card. From the timecard, you can calculate how much attendance allowance will be given to employees. For employees who are paid daily or hourly, this information will determine the amount of salary to be received.

There is also an additional presence that is applied to each project. The purpose of applying presence to each of these projects is so that we know the costing of both the product and project. The attendance used in assigning the project or product is systematically recorded into the timesheet. The timesheet will record what activities employees carry out, on which projects or products. By using an integrated accounting information system, we can also see who is and what activity and how long each activity takes for each product or project.

Kinds Of Free Timesheet To Download

Timesheet template can provide you time tracking activity solution in the project of work. It is a simple way to track activities to know your employee performance. By using a free timesheet template, you do not need to learn or install another related program. You can just find and download a fit template you need.

  • Weekly timesheet template

You can enter time on this Weekly timesheet template in a format on h:mm. In this template, you can calculate all the total pay periods that should be given by entering pay rates. It shows basic table format including weekly and daily hours. This is on the weekly basis.

  • Monthly timesheet template

In this template, you can find a regular basis for tracking more detail about employee performance. The format includes regular hours, sick leave, annual leave, or holiday, overtime that is on a monthly basis time.  This template calculates the pay based on total completed hours for the month, week, and each day

  • Consultant timesheet template

This timesheet helps you to track hours for remote employments on a specific task or project. It helps you for documenting the time spent. There are signature lines for making a formal agreement between consultant and client about the information recorded on the templates.

Kinds Of Free Time Card To Download

  • Weekly time card template

This template provides you to calculate pay each day and the whole week based on the total hours. It includes regular hours, breaks time hours, overtime hours, sick leave, and holiday hours on the format of column.

  • 12-Month time card template

The template arrange an overview format for a yearly hours work time each month. This time card helps you to overview and track employees work hours for the entire year within day, week, and month.

  • Multiple employee time card

This template shows an organized format of table for multiple employees’ shift and hours. Tracking with this template is the simple way on several employees’ break and lunch hours and working hours in total during Monday to Sunday, which you can track each day.

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