Project management is the way of managing all aspects of a project in business from inception to closure using a structured methodology. Excel as one of the most used programs for office gives a very important role in the work of each system in project management. The use of project management templates for Microsoft Excel applications can facilitate in several ways.

Using Excel in a project needs some knowledge for a worthwhile result. The spreadsheet that you make will be valuable in helping your work efficiently. There are several helpful ways you can do to use Excel. You can make your sheet or using templates based on the certain need of your project.

The Best Excel Template For Project Management

These templates can help you increase and increase your productivity because you don’t need to create a complex workspace to manage your projects.

  • Gant Chart Template

The best feature for project management templates in Excel is Gantt Chart. This feature can help you see a color-coded visual representation of your task progress on the weekly calendar. This free template can be used to easily add and manage your projects. All you need is to open the template, add the basic details of the project. It allows you to add assignments based on different categories to a single project, which can then track progress. You can include other elements to the assignment such as leads, number of working days, and also a percentage of completion.

  • Project Tracking Template

This tracking template feature allows you to track the costs and time associated with it. The costs, actual hours, estimated hours, and billed hours can be saved. This free template can be used to manage your project easily to add service providers and client details, and then start adding tasks. It can allow you to add tasks with several other sub-tasks as you’ll as track the progress easily. For each task, you can add a date, description, priority, status, or deadline. Then, you can also set the percentage of completion and days remaining to complete.

  • Project Schedule Template

The project Schedule template can help you easily to add and to manage your projects. Unlike previous templates, this can be said as quite unique as it is and it allows you to simply color code of the timeline project. You can add tasks to the timeline in the schedule manually. Then you can also assign different colors manually and track their progress just like you do on the Gantt chart. To use this template, first, you can open it. then enter the project name, start date, then add the task. On the template, you’ll see options to add additional notes for individual assignments

  • Budgeting Template

Budget is considered as one of the most important aspect in a project. You know it is important to make a budgeting process precisely. However, in making the budget, you have to calculate all the relevant information which is quite confusing. This free template of Excel will create a possibility to perform even the most complicated project budget mission very easily.

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