Some people may be unfamiliar with the word timesheet in the field of work, especially for those who are just about to enter to only work. Generally, a timesheet can be defined as a device that can be physical or virtual to record and track someone’s working time. A timesheet is a tool that can help the HR team to calculate the work time of each employee. This is because the timesheet can show the actual number of hours worked for each employee which can be a reference in the payroll process of a company. In other words, it is employee attendance which has various functions for both the employee and the company.

Employee Timesheet Functions

  • Employee time management

As time management for employees, this function has issues related to work effectiveness. By using the timesheet, employees and the HR team can monitor the effectiveness of the work every day. It also functions as an employee time tracker which will be used as the basis for calculating employee salaries. Time tracking consists of employee left hours along with entry hours and how long employees take time off and overtime.

  • The data for the employee’s payroll process

Salary is one of the important things. It is the right of employees that must be fulfilled by the company. Therefore, the calculation of the salary or payroll process of a company must be transparent and in accordance with the work agreement that has been mutually agreed before. The data on the employee worksheet here can show the number of hours worked or the employee’s overtime hours and also shows how many rights the company must pay to the employee in relation to the number of hours worked.

  • Employee performance information

Employee timesheets can show how an employee is performing by assessing the effectiveness of their work. In addition, the timesheet data can also be taken into account by managers before assigning additional tasks to employees by assessing whether the employee’s workload is right or not yet, too much so that it affects their performance, or even they                                                                                                             receive very little work.

Kind Of Employee Timesheet Template

  • Weekly Timesheet Template

Weekly timesheets are typically used by companies that have short term projects or employees who have short term contracts. Weekly timesheets are usually applied by small or highly mobile companies, especially to monitor budgets for each job.

  • Monthly Timesheet Template

A monthly timesheet is often used by companies. With a monthly timesheet, you can monitor employee work and performance more effectively because there is a lot of data collected.

  • Timesheet Employee Shifting Template

The timesheet for                                                                                                                                                                                employee shift is made by dividing the check-in and check-out times according to shift times. In addition, shift worker timesheets are created on a bi-weekly basis. You can download the template here.

  • Timesheet project template

This timesheet is commonly used in certain temporary project. It is useful for those who have employees and each of them works to run a specific project. This timesheet is usually used for very short jobs such as arranging an event project.

Employee Timesheet Management

Digital timesheet is an update for paper or hard copy because by utilizing technology, the data collection of working time on the digital excel timesheet can be done more quickly so that the HR team’s working time can be streamlined as well as minimizing human errors. In addition, digital timesheets are easier to store and search for whenever needed.

Digital timesheet management has become an option in modern times like today. this is used to facilitate the process of managing employee attendance data. Previously, employee attendance data management was done manually and took a long time, then by utilizing technology such as Microsoft Excel software, this process could be carried out more effectively and efficiently. The HR team can use the program to facilitate administrative work such as managing attendance data, managing work shifts, and the payroll process for each employee. as we know that the employee database is the core data for companies and the HR team in managing employees,

Therefore, the timesheet system in the Excel program for employees is very useful for companies and employees themselves in managing efficiently the time management for some needs in a job.

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